3 Simple Ways to Keep your Skin Beautiful Before & After Makeup

Here I am to give some subtle but magical tips to take care of your delicate skin before and after makeup during the summer time festival:
1. Every one knows that we need to clean and scrub our skin properly before wearing makeup. But I would suggest to use homemade products as cleanser and scrubber rather than any chemical products. Like use banana as a cleanser. Just smash it and softly rub it on your face in circular motion for 12-15 mins and wash it off. And for scrubber take an apple, grind it and squeeze out the juice and mix it with powdered rice and scrub it at least for 10-12 min and wash it off with water.
2. The weather is excessively hot & humid, so sweating is everyone’s problem. Yeah it’s a big problem. But don’t worry. Before applying makeup just spray some chilled water and let it dry. And then apply any oil control lotion. Remember to carry a bunch of tissues with you every time you go out.
3. Now come to ‘after makeup’ part. Always keep in mind that you should not apply water directly on makeup to remove them. Take a cotton pad and a few drops of coconut oil on it. At first lightly press the cotton pad on your eyes and keep it for a moment, then gently rub off the eye makeup and then rest of the face make up. After removing the makeup, use face-wash and after washing your face dab a towel(which must be soaked in slightly warm water) on your face delicately. Remember never rub any cotton cloth or towel or anything on your face. Before going to bed apply some moisturizer on your face.
So whenever you apply makeup,never forget to take care of your skin’s health. And these tips are not only for girls,these are also applicable for boys who apply at least “something” before going out with friends or family. Boys should never forget to wash their skin properly before and after outings.
Hope these three steps would help you to maintain the health of your skin as soft and delicate as you want. Look Elegant, Look Graceful.

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