A Man’s Makeover

A man’s makeover! Something a lot men need right now. No! We are not talking about Hairstyling or Muscle building. Because you know what, the definition of Man does not have anything about Masculinity!


Masculinity is defined by the society! We have to accept the fact that the Preachers of Masculinity were liars! The bunch of douche who were scared of the Nari Shakti, wanted to prove themselves a better creature! But little did they know that both are SAME!

Even in the God’s language, A Man is a Human Being, Not a Male!


We always talk about the challenges we, as a woman face in the society but a handful writings and speeches are there which shed some light on the difficulties faced by a Male.



It is not easy showcase yourself as a stubborn, hardcore, emotionless working machine who has no right to cry! Because if they shed a drop, they will be stripped off the masculinity!


But does it really help? Does it really soothe one’s heart? Being emotionless for the society, be the hard working human being, be the painless piece of muscles and bones?


No!! It does not and it has never helped.


Every living being with emotions has the freaking right to let their emotion OUT OPEN! Even the strongest of the strongest barrages will break into pieces if the gates are never lifted open! Then how can a Male gulp down all the worries, all the emotions and all the pain Every. Freaking. Time.


Today, more than feminism, we need humanity. In the world of Artificial Intelligence, we need Real Emotions!



We are not living in the Stone Age anymore! We are planning to shift to Mars! Things have changed!


So, let it out. Let all the emotions out open. Cry. Show Pain. Let your passion takeover your “Society Defined” occupation. Sob, Shout and Cry out loud, Ask for Help. These are human emotions. A Male is a Human, and you have all the rights to be a human.


Imagine a married male, passionate about photography, but society has forced him to be the so called “bread-earner”. So every day, he is capturing marvelous shots through his eyes, but the burden of his work, washes them away at the end of the night!


Because if he becomes a Photographer, and his wife becomes the “bread-earner”, the preachers will again take their heads off the holes and point the finger at him.


So it is time, we should bury these preachers in their goddamn holes forever and define the actual meaning of society. Because we are the part of it and we only can change it.


So the males reading this article, drop that mask, let your emotions, pains and agonies free. Follow your passion, let your counterpart handle the wagon. Compete with a woman, don’t oppress her. Let yourself be a human being again.


And we can assure you one thing that these won’t take away your Masculinity. Because Masculinity is Imaginary!


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