What is Mayazmakeover?

The most common question among my clients has been “Are you Maya?”. Well, the answer to that question is No. Maya, is the person who has given me the chance to serve you guys. She has given me the opportunity to live a life and be happy. She is my Maa.

The name Mayazmakeover is a part of my life not just another brand. It connects me to my soul.


It’s a sad reality, but people often mock the art of makeup. Makeup is not about the foundation or the lipstick. It is always about the person carrying it. Makeup don’t make some one better looking but brings out the inner beauty of that person.

At Mayazmakeover, the vision is simple. It is to bring out the inner beauty, make the soul happy. Every person deserves to be happy and especially when it is that special day of you life, you deserve the best.

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