HD Makeup VS Airbrush Makeup: Which one is the best for you?

Doubts and confusions always make your D-day planning more terrible. Especially the brides, who usually have lots of confusions from choosing their dress to choosing their makeup artist, they even get into trouble while choosing what kind of makeup they should have on their special day. A lot of queries I receive everyday regarding makeup, especially in wedding seasons and have seen most of them have asking which type of makeup they should wear to look immaculate and impeccable. Too many options always make us more confused than it’s supposed to be.


The two most famous types of makeup which are reigning in the market for a long period of time are High Definition makeup (mostly popular as HD makeup) & Airbrush makeup. Usually most of the people are not aware of what Airbrush makeup is and how it is different from HD makeup. In today’s blog I’ll try my best to erase all of your confusion out and definitely will give ideas on the basis of my knowledge which I have acquired through various projects.


What is HD makeup?


If you look back in the past, I mean far past, there was a time when the base used to be done only using foundation and compact powder. But after the introduction of high definition cameras people felt the need of more minute and flawless makeup look where all of your wrinkles, blemishes, marks can’t be reached out through the cameras. That need made HD makeup look popular in the market as it gives natural finish as well as a definition to the shape of your face. 


Where only foundation and compact powder used to give a flat look to the face, HD makeup helped to create Shadow and highlight on the face with the use of makeup products naturally.

HD makeup is done mainly with the help of brushes and blenders (even with the hands). Lots of drugstore and high end products are available in the market using those you can create whatever look you want. 


Even the drugstore products nowadays are so good in quality that you can do wonder using a little bit of it. But it’s the makeup artists on whom it depends how much makeup products they’ll use on your face. Some makeup artists go for the natural finish with less products and some love to do heavy coverage by layering products. 

HD MAKEUP LOOK (Makeup done by me)


What is Airbrush makeup?


Airbrush makeup was first introduced in 1959 and since then it’s ruling the world of entertainment unstoppably. It was brought into limelight for the same reason as HD makeup. High-definition cameras can capture from the slightest marks to the tiniest pores, so full coverage with natural finish (so that it doesn’t look cakey on screen) was in demand like anything. 


Beside the HD makeup, Airbrush makeup is still in popularity even being more expensive in comparison only because it’s more long lasting and more water resistant than HD makeup. As in film industry people have to work for 12-14hours( sometimes more than that), they need to concentrate on the long lasting one. 


Airbrush makeup is applied using an airgun actually. This airgun is totally a different machine which looks like a gun, where you have to put a few drops of foundation in it and have to press a trigger like button for spraying it. 


Products in liquid form actually are sprayed on face and create a smooth natural finish getting connected with the skin directly. In Airbrush makeup you also can create highlights and shadows to give a proper shape to the face. With one layer it can hide all of your flaws, but if one wants, can create multiple layers; as I said earlier it totally depends on the makeup artists how much coverage they want on their clients’ faces. 

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP LOOK (Makeup done by me here)

Differences, still Not so different:


For that part I’ll go point by point so it becomes easier for you guys to read as well as to understand.


  1. As HD makeup is less expensive than Airbrush makeup, the former is more widely known and used for personal uses too. But in case of film industry they mostly depend on the Airbrush makeup.
  2. According to the application technique Airbrush makeup is more hygienic than HD makeup. As HD makeup is done using blenders, brushes and hands, if they’re not cleaned properly and regularly, they can invite unwanted guests on your face like pimples, acne etc. But in case of Airbrush makeup you don’t need to worry about that.
  3. While HD makeup is for all skin types, Airbrush makeup is only for oily skin type as the products here are silicone based. If they’re applied on dry skin, it can make disaster to your look.
  4. Airbrush makeup is only done by the trained people as it requires expert hands while HD makeup can be done at home by anyone with less effort.
  5. Airbrush makeup is more water resistant than HD makeup, so in summer it works more wonder than the later one. Airbrush makeup is though more long lasting, but nowadays with the invention of so many good quality makeup products in the market HD makeup can also perform as much as the Airbrush one.
  6. There’s a thin difference in looks created by both type of makeup techniques. It’ll be easier to understand with an example. Suppose you’re painting your wall. If you’re using brush, then observe minutely that the pores which your wall has can’t be covered with one stroke, you have to give multiple strokes to blend into it. But if you’re spraying the color on your wall you won’t need to put multiple spray to cover up the pores. Same goes with your face. Airbrush covers up the pores on your face faster and more perfectly than the HD one. So Airbrush makeup is time consuming and demands less effort too. HD makeup needs a lot of time to blend seamlessly with the skin.
  7. You’ve more freedom to choose the products in case of HD makeup. Only 2 or 3 popular brands are there in case of Airbrush makeup on which you can trust blindly. But there are thousands of brands out there in the market for HD makeup. So depending on your budget you can choose whatever your pocket permits.
  8. Lastly both types of makeup can give you natural finish to your skin without making it cakey or heavy. But it only depends on the makeup artists how they’ll do it. So choose the expert wisely according to your taste.


Mixture of the two:


I hope you have got at least a little bit idea about these types of makeup. But lastly the main point which I want to bring here is how nowadays most of the makeup artists do the Airbrush makeup on their clients. As there’s pros and cons in case of Airbrush makeup, especially it is not suitable at all for dry skin; so the makeup artists have come up with a solution i.e. they create a light base with HD makeup products first then use Airbrush makeup on it to give more seamless finish and make it long lasting too. So it makes every penny worth if you choose Airbrush makeup for your D-day. But if you’re not one of them to waste much money on makeup, HD makeup is perfectly suitable for you with no disappointment.


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N.B. : Makeup for the models on the featured image is also done by me.



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