How To Get Hollywood Wavy Hairstyle

Hairstyle and more..


Makeup is on point.

Dress is all eye-catching.

You’re smelling great.

Shoes are ready and comfortable.

Suitable jewelry has been picked up.

Yet you’re not ready!


Because you don’t know what to do with your hair. Some of the people are there who book makeup artists not for their makeup, rather for hairstyling. Some of the makeup artists are there who can paint fine makeup on face; but when it comes to hairstyling, they usually hire a hairstylist. Some people can style others’ hair, but not of their own. You know how to draw, so you can easily learn the makeup technique; but styling your hair requires the techniques on another level. In a nutshell sometimes hairstyling is more difficult than doing makeup. Bookmark this page if you’re having trouble with your hair as well.


This article I hope will help you to be pro at least in one hairstyle without any course or anything. In recent times Hollywood wavy hairstyle is in trend like anything. Today I am gonna share with you people the tips and techniques on how to get Hollywood wavy hairstyle on your own. But as I have said earlier, I am a self taught makeup artist and hairstyling is an integral part of it, I had to learn it on my own too through practice and practice. So there might not be any conventional technique or I might not be right at every step, but anyhow as I have managed to achieve the look, you people can try out them too if you’re a novice.

Hollywood Wavy Hairstyle goes best with Red lips

How to Achieve the hairstyle..


Step 1:

Wash your hair first and then to prep your hair use some mousse before blow drying.


Step 2:

Divide your hair in five sections(if you’ve thick hair, you may need to do more sections) using section clips. Two sections on the back, one on the middle of the top and the other two are above your ears.


Step 3:

Now take any section first except that top one and take out one inch piece of it. Then spray some heat protection spray on it. After that using your curling machine do an inward curl and clip it after rolling it in round shape. Spray some hair setting spray on it to hold it strongly.

Likewise do the curls of the rest of the hair.


Step 4:

The main catchy part of this hair styling is how you handle the top front section. First of all decide on which side you’ll be doing your partition and accordingly do the curls for the top section. As I have done my partition on the right side, I curled it away from my face to the left taking one inch piece by piece of my hair & then rolled it, clipped it and sprayed some setting spray.


Step 5:

This is the last step where after resting for 5-10mintues you have to open every curl one by one very carefully and then comb the hair very nicely until every curl gets settled down in one particular direction and looks smooth & fine. On the side where you did your partition, apply some gel and clip it on the back of your ear so that the clip would not be visible.


And yes you’re done!


Clip it on the back of the ear as I have done in the picture

The places where you can carry this hairstyle..


You can try this hairstyle if you’ve any photoshoot or family occasion or get together with friends, even on your reception day you can go with this hairstyle. Generally this Hollywood wavy hairstyle goes with the Western outfits. But as you can see in the pictures it goes with Indian attires as well. So dresses won’t matter if you can perfectly style the overall look with your attire lovelies. ❤️





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