Kolkata Wedding Special: Skincare Tips for you

Hey my superwomen and supermen, today’s post is totally Kolkata Wedding Special. As you all know the wedding season in our West Bengal has officially kicked off and it will be a busy period for all of us. From friends to our siblings and cousins, many are tying the knot! And by MANY! I mean MANY!  Our Facebook timelines are filled with smiles & joy.

One of the best thing about the wedding season is the connection. Some of our old friends, when they get married, we connect again and that feeling is ecstatic!!

With all our busy schedules, it is quite difficult to keep off the skin problems! We can’t really always get time to go to parlour to take extra care of our skin,but we obviously can do the regular things which are beneficial for our skin.

Without further ado, lemme give you some Really Helpful Skin Beneficial Professional Tips for this Kolkata Wedding Special Season, which will not only take less time to follow but also will be much more effective.



Kolkata Wedding Special                      A wedding not only means tying knot between two people as we all know, it also creates a new bond between two or more families. So there’s lots of pressure on how to impress and make happy each and everyone while handling each and every work related to your wedding. So, take a deep breath and stay cool, always be what you are and do every deed from your heart; and everyone will be impressed by your honesty.

Otherwise your stress will snatch away your sleep. And you know what sleepless nights do to you? Dark circles, acne, dark spots, hairfall, stomach problems, dandruff, patches, pimples, blemishes, increased dead cells and the list goes on. So, never forget to sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. I’m sure you’ll definitely get that much time in a day!



You haven’t slept well last night? Couldn’t follow my first tip? Don’t worry ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t sleep enough, the foremost problem will arise is acidity or stomach problem which will affect your skin very badly. So, first thing you Kolkata Wedding Specialhave to keep in mind that you have to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Immediately after washing your face in the morning just drink warm water mixing lemon juice(it would be more beneficial if you can add 1ts honey to it). It will not only keep your skin healthy but also it reduces fatty acid.




Kolkata Wedding Special                     Anulom- Vilom  is one of several pranayama or breath exercises- inhalation and exhalation. This early morning practice can reduce your stress and anxiety, depression, heart problems, acidity, gastric problems, migraine pain. Besides it improves blood circulation; increases oxygen supply, concentration, patience, transforms negative thoughts to positive one, controls obesity. In a nutshell it helps to keep our body healthy, strong and lustrous. So if you don’t get time for multiple exercises, stick to only this one exercise which will help your skin to remain soft and gentle.




Kolkata Wedding Special                       In your busy schedule never ignore to clean your face and never delete these 4 steps from your daily life – Cleansing, Scrubbing, Toning and Moisturising. An unclean face never can claim to be healthy. So in the morning and

obviously before you go to sleep at night, never skip these steps. I believe you will get time to make your skin clean like you clean your clothes daily.





You’re not getting time for meal or dinner or breakfast on time? I know, it happens when you are going through a busy schedule after all. No time meals affect your health as well as your skin. So I would suggest to carry fresh fruits and salads always with you and have them whenever you get time. It energises your body and mind which helps to make you glow from within.




The last and the most important thing you need to do, rather you have to do is Keeping yourself calm during the Kolkata Wedding Special Season 😀 . Have your own time for a while. Give your body and mind a little relaxation which helps to keep off any mental stress or depression. It will help to retain the health of your body as well as of your skin as it deserves to be.

So, boys and girls, follow these tips and don’t worry if you are not getting time for parlour. And you can follow them on a daily basis even if you don’t have any special occasion. And ofcourse let me know if they are truly beneficial for you guys and also share your own tips with us and help others.

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