Two Sides Of A Coin

Every story has two sides. It’s upto you which side you will take as yours. Read and let me know if this story could have another side also:


Parna – a girl from your next door or a girl kinda looks like an alien from another planet 😀 . It actually depends on when and how she plays her role or you can say it depends on how you play your role as a society or as a human being like Parna on yourself.

When you are playing the role of the society you just judge her as indisciplined , incompetent, indecent, masculate, asexual, erroneous etc etc; and stare at her like she’s doing all the wrongs which are prohibited by the society; she’s been living the freedom which is forbidden for a woman; point at her behaviour, at her lifestyle, at her cleavage, showing off her hip while draping sarees ; bully her for being what she is; question her on how she is and sometimes criticise her even the worse.



But when you get a room of your own, you get time for your own apart from your picture perfect life, you just madly want a life like Parna where your own life becomes your own only; Your life’s not shattered or coated by any layer of societal customs or rules or norms; your bold eyes remind you of your dreams to become alive,brighten your eyes with lots of hopes; your lifeless life gets to know that all you want is freedom to live it.

And You realize all your bullies against her are actually your anger, your banishment, your never-got-that-freedom jealousy, your tiresomeness of leading same disciplined life, your humdrum of being an all-time-polite person.

You find that your pleasure is in doing mistakes, in being disordered, careless, irregular,raunchy just like her messy hair. You suddenly perceive that you also want to show off your expensive bras or damn beautiful cleavage and rather facing or asking any question you just want to be carefree like her smudged kajal.

That picture holds that Parna who lives inside of every girl, rather of every human being. Because always remember only the mirror and the camera can capture the real you! Being a minimalistic believer I went for the slightest makeup look except the eyes.

The tint of light foundation on her face and no-lipstick lips are implying just the simple day-to-day story of a girl and also signifying unmasking of any formal self. Only the smudged smokey eyes are the highlighting part where the eyes are telling all the untold stories of an undaunted girl. The open messy hair is just a perfect example of an imperfect soul.

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