What is Self Taught Makeup Artist?

Wherever I go I have been asked always from where I have learnt this art of makeup. Some people get surprised with believe & some people get shocked with distrust after hearing the answer that I am a self taught makeup artist. And some of them are even there who cannot trust me with my work just because I am not trained.


The way a self-taught makeup artist works..

Now the foremost question is what’s actually self taught makeup artist? What’s the difference between a certified makeup artist and a self taught makeup artist?


Self taught makeup artists are those who have acquired this form of art with a little bit of help by their inborn talent and a lot from their passionate practices and experiences without any training from any kind of institution. And there’s only one difference between a certified makeup artist and a self taught makeup artist and i.e. a certified makeup artist gets certificate after his/her training from any institution which a self taught makeup doesn’t have. Apart from this both of them become a pro with lots of practices, experiences, hard works, talent and obviously above everything hardcore passion for their work. Undoubtedly a proper training can get you the best knowledge,can teach you the best technique & can give you the best guidance as well but what about the experiences? Your experiences can bring the right knowledgeable technique which is perfectly suitable for you under your own guidance, because experiences help a child to grow a man.

                                               The look created here when I just started my career


                                                 The look created here when I just started my career


But the way society has set up the mindset for us where people believe that without any proper training one cannot be a pro in any profession. Is that so? Have you ever given a thought over it? Have you ever heard from where Leonardo da Vinci got his training before painting Mona Lisa or The Last Supper? Have you googled it where Pablo Picasso got the idea of Modern art with collage and cubism? Or who was Salvador Dali’s teacher? Did you ever hear when some women in ancient Rome invented the idea of makeup , some teacher or someone else had taught them to? Forget the ancient culture, even in the 1920s when Helena Rubinstein first experimented with mascara using kohl on a Hollywood actress, did you think who taught her to do that? Because not everything you do has to be taught by some teachers or institutions. Because a teacher can never be an inborn teacher, your talent can.


The experience starts way back!

Not only in this profession, even in my childhood when I used to draw or paint something people used to ask me the same question that from where I have learnt them. Trust me, some people out there who literally do not believe that I do it on my own, I do it just because I love to do it, I do it just because I have a passion for it. Now experiences have taught me to ignore such people, but when I was 6 or 7 years old & people would look at me with utmost distrust I used to wonder why? Why at this age I would lie to the society? Why I have to learn something which I already know? To become a pro? Really? So you can promise me if a person gets his/her training done from any renowned institution, he/she will become a pro on the very next day? He/she doesn’t need practice or passion to do them? There are a lot of people who are getting certified in makeup courses everyday, but how many of them become the pro or how many of the professional makeup artists are there who can afford or need to have a training? Do the survey and get back to me with the same distrust my people.

                                               Looks created after three years of practice and hard work.

When in the last two years this profession of makeup art has become a mainstream profession and a lot of people are running behind it, you people forget or rather never try to know where and how exactly the work of makeup art was started. You’ll get thousands of makeup academy nowadays here & there, but when Nargis or Madhubala or Meena Kumari looked so stunning and glamorous on screen even in Black & white pictures, you didn’t even care who used to make possible every actor or actress look presentable on big screens.


If you’ve passion for anything, your passion will drive you to achieve the highest point of it, not any training nor any institution. Everything is possible in the world if you only think you can do it in a right way.




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