Why Makeover

Being a dusky skin toned girl since my childhood one thing I always got to hear “put some powder on your face girl” or “apply some turmeric on your skin daily” or “you have dusky skin tone, this color will not suit you” or “don’t get in the sun, you will become darker”. It’s like a person is beautiful only depending upon one’s skin color. So constantly all these words used to make me feel like when I will grow up I will definitely put makeup always on my face like celebrities. Because I can’t change the thing with what I have born, but I can at least hide them behind the layer of makeup. Yeah, silly I didn’t realize that those words are actually shit, because my beauty does not lie on my skin tone. It’s my personality, it’s my attire, it’s my appearance, it’s the way I carry myself which defines my beauty.

It’s not only in my case, but also for each and every person, skin color matters in their life like anything else. They are always worried about maybe they will never be able to grab the limelight in any public place. It seems like their skin color redeems their confidence. I have seen one of my cousins, who was really dark in her childhood, always put cream, powder, makeup on her face before going out anywhere. Still she was like ‘no one’s going to like me because of my skin tone”. I have seen in her eyes, she was so conscious about her skin tone that she never willingly allowed people to take her pictures. In our [girls] case anyhow we try to hide our real skin color putting some powder or makeup though, for boys this has been never possible for them to put on makeup. No, not because they are indifferent to this fact, but because they are not allowed to use makeup by the society. I have heard from so many male friends of mine “fair skinned girls don’t like us, we have dusky skin tone Na!”  But does that really matter so much? I have asked myself so many times but in reply I have seen so many people to get depressed, frustrated, to cut skin layer, even to attempt to kill themselves.

I can remember a poem which I have read in my childhood – ‘Beauty’ (by E-Yeh-Shure), there were some lines:

Beauty is in yourself.

Good deeds, happy thoughts

That repeat themselves

In your dreams,

In your work,

And even in your rest.

I wonder whether such poems were taught just to secure marks or for a lesson for our own life? The answer is unknown. Because the mindset of the society is so prejudiced that none can find their answer. Even the celebrities like Kajal, Bipasha Basu have got their skin whitened. Why? Because the society wants them to do that. The film industry wants them to do that. Frankly I don’t blame the people who are running after fairskin, because when the root itself has been spoiled, no one can blame the weak stems of the tree.

But is that our [dusky skin toned people] mental problem? No, it’s because our society, our circumstances have taught us to judge people’s capability by their skin tone rather than their talent. A child never can say “oh my god! I have been born dark” rather his/her acquaintances start to moan over his/her skin tone. Actually it’s been rooted in our mind that white skins are more appealing, more glamorous, more fascinating. But practically this is wrong in so many levels!!! We need to know one’s heart first, we need to prefer one’s personality, we need to judge one by one’s talent; skin color only matters-NOWHERE! What color suits you best, choose depending only upon your comfort zone and your capability of carrying out it, not on what your skin tone is. Never try to hide yourself applying 10 times fairer shades of makeup, rather enhance your beauty more gracefully more beautifully in the way you are comfortable with.

Now the question is that why this blog is about makeover & make up then? Why do we need makeover or make-up?

Let me ask you guys one thing, don’t you love your own house? Don’t you love your own room when still it is cluttered, messy, and chaotic? Yeah you do. Not only you, I also like my room to be messy. But what do you do when any there’s any festivity? Or on any family occasion? What will you do? Will you still keep your room messy? Obviously not. We decorate our house. We apply our best creative ideas to organize everything. Remember Monica from Friends? She was a hell of an organizer. We even shop many home decorators to decorate our house, our office, school, college on every occasion. We even paint our cities, towns, villages with lights. Then why not me, you, everyone? We should or rather we love to see ourselves in an organized way on our special days. Just the way Rachel Greene carried herself throughout her life on TV.

Make up or makeover is all about making yourself happy. Doing something for yourself which will make you happy. We put makeup not only to hide any dark spot but to enhance our beauty more gracefully, to make us more confident. It just varies person to person how they will carry out themselves. But in general what matters is that what you are and how you present yourself to the world. Makeover just brushes up your outer beauty and brings out your inner beauty more confidently and elegantly. And one more thing makeup is not about whitening your skin, this is just a way to boost up one’s confidence and to be more expressive.

And lastly makeup is actually an art. It’s an another form of painting. Giving a dramatic look to your eyes, blushed cheek-bones, defining your eye-brows, coloring your lips in different ways, contouring your face, making them more glowing and highlighting are actually done in artistic form. And obviously art in every form is always welcomed to us. Defining your face with makeup products is a creativity, not to mock at.

So guys never waste your time sobbing over your skin tone and never run after the whitish shades of foundation or powder to lighten your dusky skin tone, don’t listen to others regarding skin color. Rather teach them to be happy what they are, we are. Whether you are fair or dark only embrace positive vibes abandoning all worries regarding your skin tone. Get a perfect makeover look with us without losing your own self and rock the world.

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